Eastern Woodland Métis Nation

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Attention: Please use this "Form Letter Requesting Support to Obtain Recognition for All Métis of the Atlantic Provinces" to contact your MLA or MP. You do not require a stamp from Canada Post to mail a letter to your MP or MLA.

Press Release: Congratulations from the members and council of Eastern Woodland Metis Nation N.S. to Spencer Muise ( who is a member) and the bass player for the "Blue Jean River Band' formally known as the "Rockabilly's". The Blue Jean River Band has recently been nominated for an East Coast Aboriginal Recording of the year for their new album "Eastbound" this will be in NFLD. Receiving this nomination is a true testament to the hard work and dedication the members have put in the studio to finish the album and release their best music to date. In 2013 Spencer was awarded a scholarship through inspire to take a music business course at the Dartmouth Waterfront Campus. Since graduating the course he has applied all the skills and knowledge he attained while studying at NSCC to pursue his career in music with the band. The new album "Eastbound" is available on ITunes, and to find out more about the band you can find them on all forms of social media. - Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker (March 10, 2015)

Press Release: Una Tribe of Mixed Bloods Treaty with EWMNNS. Read Press Release (February 16, 2015)

Press Release: Petition - To All Métis People of the Maritimes: A Petition for All Métis People to Have "One Voice and One Identity". Read Press Release (November 28, 2014)

Press Release: Congress of Aboriginal People Appeal To The Supreme Court of Canada. Read Press Release (November 26, 2014)

Press Release: EWMMNS to meet with Human Rights Commission Meeting on October 31, 2014. Read Press Release (October 16, 2014)

Press Release: Thanksgiving Greetings from Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker. Read Press Release (October 10, 2014)

Press Release: New Logo For EWMNNS. Read Press Release (October 6, 2014)

Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker is named to the Heritage Registry of Who's Who for 2014. Read More

Women of Distinction Magazine - "Congratulations to Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker Eastern Woodland Metis Nation N.S.We are honoured to have the opportunity to feature you in our upcoming Magazine to share and highlight your professional achievements and future goals. The Women of Distinction Magazine is a publication designed to showcase the great women of the world who are making a difference in their profession and community. It is clear based on your selection that you are an industry leader based on exemplifying the qualities of Leadership, Citizenship and Professionalism." - June 2014

Letter from Premier of Nova Scotia, Hon. Stephen McNeil. Read Letter (January 2014)

Letter from the Leader of the Official Opposition for Nova Scotia, Jamie Baillie (PC Party of NS). Read Letter (December 2013)

Letter to Min. Bernard Valcourt, Dept. Aboriginal Affairs. Read Letter (October 2013)

Post Secondary Education - Bursary opportunities from Indsire. More Information. (June 2013)

News: Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker has been nominated to receive the Governor Generals Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case. Also has been endorsed for Public Speaker. (May 2013)

News: The International Women's Leadership Association has selected Grand Chief Mary Lou Parker as a "woman of outstanding leadership in Canada". For more info on The International Women's Leadership Association (December 2012)

News: Grand Chief Parker has been named to the Heritage Registry's list of "Who's Who" for 2012. Click Here for more information. (December 2012)

Chief's Message - Métis Nationhood (January 2012)

News: Scholarship Received from Dalhousie University (August 2011)

Membership Growth - Welcome to members from North Preston ("Shades of Color") and Chieft Vivian Willis. (January 2010)

August 2002 - Partnership Articulation Agreement with Ontario Métis Allegiance