Eastern Woodland Métis Nation

Membership Application Form

Membership Application Information

Membership is open to all Metis individuals who either reside in Nova Scotia or beyond, whose families originated in Canada.

A Métis Person is:

  • (a) a person of mixed Native and non-Native heritage (Native being Native North American)
  • (b) a person who self-identifies as Metis and
  • (c) who is accepted by a Metis community as being Metis.

  • All three criteria must be met, as well as proof of Native heritage being provided upon application. There is NO blood quantum required. We do not see ourselves as a percentage of our Native heritage, but as being 100% Metis Aboriginals and nothing else.

    Our members come from all walks of life and heritage - Mi'kmaq, Cree, Ojibwa, Blackfoot, Sioux or any other Native peoples. What joins our Metis people together is our commonalities, our inability to walk in either Indian or White worlds comfortably, our non-acceptance within either world and our wish to simply be who we are.

    For further information, contact the circle nearest to you or contact EWMNNS direct.

    What is the Certificate of Métis/Aboriginal Status issued by EWMNNS?

    First and foremost, it is a membership card signifying that you are a member of EWMNNS as well as our National Affiliate The Ontario Metis Allegience Port McNicoll, our Federal Affiliate (through OMAP) The Metis Allegience Inc. (Port McNicoll), as well as The Metis Women's Circle Inc. (Hamilton Ontario).

    EWMNNS represents and responds to the political, social, cultural and economic interests of Canada's Métis/Aboriginal Peoples.

    It is an identification card, signifying that you are a person of Métis/Aboriginal heritage and recognized under the Canada Constitution Act Sec. 35 1982 and as such have all the rights and opportunities and privileges accorded to Metis/Aboriginal People. The EWMNNS are registered with our Federal Associates Canadian Metis Allegience Port McNicoll in a National Registrar.

    It is in similarity to the way the "Status" Indians are registered with the Government of Canada through Indian Affairs, and each person receives an identification number.

    This card can be used as an identification card for purposes including, but not limited to, the following:

  • (a) Harvesting rights - Hunting and fishing, trapping, gathering, still under negotiations
  • (b) Employment - Some employers ask for proof of Aboriginal ancestry in order for a person to participate in an employment equity program.
  • (c) Education - Some institutions ask for proof of Aboriginal ancestry in order for a person to access Aboriginal-specific bursaries, scholarships, programs.
  • (d) Procurement - A certain portion of Government service contracts are set aside specifically for Aboriginal people/companies and also require proof of Aboriginal heritage.

  • You will be included in a mailing list for things such as our EWMNNS Newsletter as well as up-to-date information on Government policies and programs that effect the Metis/Aboriginal Peoples of Nova Scotia and beyond.

    There are two types of membership:

  • FULL - Any person of Aboriginal descent within the meaning of s. 35 (2) of the Canada Act 1982 but not an Indian under the Indian Act, or Inuit. The annual fee is $30.00 for membership, with a one time fee of $30.00 for registration... a total of $60.00 for those registering for the first time.
  • ASSOCIATE - Non-Aboriginals who are married to Métis/Aboriginals who are full members.
  • REGISTRATION - The annual fee is $30.00 for membership, with a one time fee of $30.00 for registration... a total of $60.00 for those registering for the first time.
  • RENEWAL - The annual fee is $30.00, and membership fees are due at the end of December each year. All membership dues are to be paid directly to EWMNNS central office in Yarmouth.
  • REPLACEMENT - the cost of a replacement Membership Card is $35.00

  • Membership is also open to Off Reserve Natives, and any person who lives in the United States of America whose roots can be traced back to EWMNNS.